Butter Burger

A heart attack special! The patty is stuffed with American Cheese and butter and then topped with American cheese.
Come join us at The Overlook for your lunch or dinner!

Thank you for playing!

Please see below for the First Round Result.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 740.763.1100.

Dolven/Dolven Bridie #3
Torsok/Torsok Eagle #7
Hohenstein/Hughes Birdie #8
Byers/Ratliff Birdie#14
Hurt/Hurt Birdie #16
Lamay/Hunt Birdie #17

Tuesday, October 2nd | 7PM

The Virtues Golf Club is very pleased to host a return engagement of this free one hour show performed by the cast of “Tecumseh”.  The photo below is from the show last year in our event center.

While the full outdoor summer show at the Sugarloaf Mountain Amphitheater is 3 hours, features cannons, horses, canoes, etc. and focuses on Tecumseh the Shawnee warrior, this short 1 hour show is held indoors and focuses on Tecumseh the man, his relationship with the Galloways and his romantic interest in Rebecca Galloway.

While the show is free and very kid friendly, we would also like to invite you to enjoy an optional buffet dinner at our restaurant before the performance.  Dinner costs $21.95 for adults and 12.95 for kids.

Please call for reservations so we can have appropriate seating arrangements.

Note:  Currently showing at the Sugar Loaf Mountain Amphitheater is “The Sleepy Hollow Experience”  through November 2.   Visit http://hauntedmountain.org/ for more info.

And please consider attending a full outdoor performance of “Tecumseh” next summer which runs from June to the September.  More info is here http://tecumsehdrama.com/

Call 740.763.1111 to make your dinner reservation!