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Dustin Johnson won the Masters with a blistering back nine to put himself ahead of the field.  The winning score is -20 and the top 3 combine score is -50.

I want to thank everyone who drops an entree and make this Masters a little more fun.

Congratulation to Jason for winning the grand prize by picking the tiebreaker of -52.

Congratulation to everyone on the list, too.

Name Your Masters Champ Masters Winning Score
Jason Adams Dustin Johnson -19
Steve Greaf Dustin johnson -19
Mike Darby Dustin Johnson -18
Toby Butler Dustin Johnson -18
William Harris Dustin Johnson -16
Curt cameron Dustin johnson -15
Greg Bragg Dustin Johnson -15
Jeff Meyers Dustin Johnson -15
Rudolph Faustino Dustin Johnson -15
Tim Alspach Dustin Johnson -15
Joe Peterson Dustin Johnson -14
Mike Mikola Dustin Johnson -14
Brian Dustin Johnson -13
FRANK Jenkins Dustin Johnson -13
Matthew Pfau Dustin Johnson -13
Michelle Dustin Johnson -13
Mike Loar Dustin johnson -13
Tom Kandybowicz Dustin Johnson -13
Adam Corbitt Dustin Johnson -12
Chris Wolever Dustin Johnson -12
Neil Bulman Dustin Johnson -12
Nick McCarty Dustin Johnson -12
Russell Wike Jr Dustin Johnson -12
Ryan west Dustin johnson -12
SKYLAR NOVARIA Dustin Johnson -12
Mike Gast Dustin Johnson -12
Gary Petit Dustin Johnson -11
Scott Schrader Dustin Johnson -11
Benjamin R Streby Dustin Johnson -9
Ben Barnhart Dustin Johnson -8
Ed Johnston Dustin Johnson -8
James Stang Dustin Johnson -6
Martin groleski Dustin johnson -6

November 26, 2020

Pick up between 11-1 pm. – Serves 4 | $90 per package

Choice of: Turkey or Honey Glazed Ham

Dozen Rolls and butter

House Salad with dressing

Served with mash potatoes and gravy

House made sausage stuffing

Choice of Side:

Green Bean Casserole

Sweet Potato Casserole

Honey Glazed Carrots

Choice of dessert:

Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie or Apple Pie

Additional sides:

Salad $15

Ham or Turkey $30

Extra Side or Vegetable $20

Dozen Rolls $7

Extra Pie $20

Please call in advance to pre-order your Thanksgiving carry out!

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Every Day

$54 for 18 Holes w/ Cart

Every Day Twilight

$40 for 18 Holes w/ Cart

After 2PM

Winter Rates go into effect on November 9.



Chili Open

December 5th | 11am

10am Chili Lunch 🌶

Chili Lunch before the round and Prizes!

$120 Per Team | $60 Per Player

Includes 18 Holes of Golf w/ Cart

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