February Membership Special

Membership Special
Sign up or renew* in February!

Get two 50% off vouchers, complimentary GHIN, and $50 in club credit.

You will also receive 10 raffle tickets that can be used at the Membership Bash!

*Renew at your anniversary date.

Join us for the Membership Bash on Feb. 24th!

6:00 pm at the Overlook Restaurant
Burger Special & Drink Special!

Anyone who attends will get two raffle tickets!
If you purchase a drink special, you’ll get 1 extra raffle ticket.

At the end of the night, we will raffle off the prizes!

Prizes include:

$100 Gift Cards at the Virtues Golf Club
4 Range Punch Cards
10* Half Off Vouchers
48* Complimentary Round Vouchers
12* Logo Hats
6 Logo Accessory Items

*Number of prizes may vary based on the number of people at the bash.