Letter from the owner of The Virtues Golf Club

About this time for the last two years, you would have received the following invitation:

The Virtues Golf course will host the interactive play “Tecumseh and the Galloways” in our main dining room. The play is free and open to the public. Please RSVP as seating will be limited.  This will be very similar to the show that was at the Ohio State Fair last summer.

Performed and produced by the cast of the outdoor drama Tecumseh, this 45 minute performance looks into the relationship between Tecumseh and the Galloway family. “Tecumseh and the Galloways” is entertaining and educational for audiences of all ages!


This year, Tecumseh (a 2 hour outdoor drama) and the shortened version that was to be performed at our facility have been cancelled due to covid.  In prior years, the cast also performed the short version for free at Licking Valley and also Tri Valley elementary schools.

I have recently joined the board of directors of the Scioto Society. The Scioto Society is the organization responsible for the outdoor drama.  It appears to me, that we need to raise about 300 thousand to restart the show. About 100 thousand has already been raised. I am hoping some of you could donate to The Scioto Society to help make this happen. Please do not donate more than you can afford and during the covid crises there are many other needs for money too. But the Scioto Society and the show Tecumseh is also a worthy cause and could use some help.


Thomas Hwang

The Virtues Golf Club

To donate, fill out donation form & send your check to : The Scioto Society, c/o The Virtues Golf Club, 1 Long Drive, Nashport, OH  43830

Click to download donation form to send with check: https://www.thevirtuesgolfclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Tecumseh-Donation-Form_Virtues-Golf-Club_2020.pdf

To donate by credit card, click on this link:


For every $50 you donate, you will receive a 50% off Virtues Golf Club voucher for 2021! The voucher is valid until the end of 2021.


The story of Tecumseh goes beyond an entertaining production, and beyond a historical tale.  It is about the complexities of life and how to deal with them.  It shows how individuals often get caught up in events beyond their control as Tecumseh feels he must wage a war he does not want.  Tecumseh is a real life Romeo and Juliet story where he can not be with the white woman he loves. these reasons, I am hoping the show will continue in the future and thrive.