Treat Mom to a delicious meal shared with family and make this Mother’s Day the most special. Our family style dinners are perfect for enjoying in the comfort of your home.

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Deadline is Thursday, May 7th at 7PM

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Wed -Sat ➡️11-7
Sunday ➡️11-3

Although it is not required, please call us an hour ahead of your desired pickup*

Pick how you want to celebrate!

Enjoy one of our delicious dinners all in the comfort of your home.

Pre-order by Thursday, April 9th at 5PM

Give us a call at (740) 763-1111

NEW Spring Rates

Monday – Thursday
$60 for 18 w/ cart and $36 for 18 walking
Friday – Sunday
$74 for 18 w/ cart and $50 for 18 walking
Twilight starts at 2 pm 
$50 for 18 w/cart and $36 for 18 walking

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Butter Burger

A heart attack special! The patty is stuffed with American Cheese and butter and then topped with American cheese.
Come join us at The Overlook for your lunch or dinner!

Tuesday, October 2nd | 7PM

The Virtues Golf Club is very pleased to host a return engagement of this free one hour show performed by the cast of “Tecumseh”.  The photo below is from the show last year in our event center.

While the full outdoor summer show at the Sugarloaf Mountain Amphitheater is 3 hours, features cannons, horses, canoes, etc. and focuses on Tecumseh the Shawnee warrior, this short 1 hour show is held indoors and focuses on Tecumseh the man, his relationship with the Galloways and his romantic interest in Rebecca Galloway.

While the show is free and very kid friendly, we would also like to invite you to enjoy an optional buffet dinner at our restaurant before the performance.  Dinner costs $21.95 for adults and 12.95 for kids.

Please call for reservations so we can have appropriate seating arrangements.

Note:  Currently showing at the Sugar Loaf Mountain Amphitheater is “The Sleepy Hollow Experience”  through November 2.   Visit for more info.

And please consider attending a full outdoor performance of “Tecumseh” next summer which runs from June to the September.  More info is here

Call 740.763.1111 to make your dinner reservation!

Introducing Taco Tuesday!

Starting tomorrow, 10/1 we will be serving a taco special every Tuesday!

Two ground beef tacos with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. Served with salsa and sour cream.

Our new restaurant menu for 2019 is HERE!!!

Check out the new items and you will find a favorite of your own.  It is available Monday, 5/13!

Our 9 Stars Spring Tournament has been shortened to an 18 hole event.  Congratulations to all the winners of each flight.

Championship Flight:

1st place, Curt Byers – James Thompson

2nd place, Zach Chinn – Matt Samuels,

3rd place, Everett Reed – Tim Fisher

1st Flight

1st place, Jarrod Falasca – Noah Wilson

2nd place, Andrew Wenning – Jeff Flesher

3rd place, Bill Courant – John Millice

2nd Flight

1st place, Sean Lent – Phil Fieata

2nd place, James Hopkins – Trevor McFadden

3rd place, William Clark – Mark Heatley


We will be reaching out to the winners!


Thank you for participating in our Spring event!  We will see you this Summer. Our next event is the Memorial Day Four Man Scramble on May 25th.


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